US Army Considers Using New Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology

July 13, 2010 / 1 Comment

The US Army is said to be interested in getting army vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Reportedly, the first vehicle to be adapted to the new power technology will be the M1 Abrams battle tank.

USARMYtank US Army Considers Using New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

All of the testing for incorporating the new technology onto existing vehicles, has thus far happened only in laboratories, but the word is that the results are promising. A large portion of the tank’s computing equipment could be powered by the hydrogen cells, including battle command technologies, electronic equipment and sensors.

The long term goal for the Army is to come up with a technology that would provide alternative energy power to military vehicles. This would make it easier for the Army to solve the fuel availability and transportation problems while tanks and troops are deployed in dangerous conflict zones. In some places, fueling the tanks and other equipment can turn into a compromising situation. Also fuel delivery, as the Army realized from its experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, can be a cumbersome process. Having a non-petroleum energy source would be a welcome solution to these issues.

The hydrogen cells would function by extracting the hydrogen from JP-8 diesel fuel and then convert it to electricity to power the functions that are linked up to it.

(Via USAToday)