Picture Perfect Invisible Treehouse Comes Up In Sweden

July 15, 2010 / 1 Comment

When architects Tham and Videgard announced their intention to build an almost invisible treehouse, they were told it would be impossible to pull it off. But the duo have been able to successfully build one, and have plans to replicate it to be a group of six invisible treehouse units, that will be Treehotels in Sweden.

mirrored treehuouse Picture Perfect Invisible Treehouse Comes Up In Sweden

Located 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle, the tree houses look like a mirrored cube, reflecting the surrounding landscape, scenery and skies. The eye-catching, jaw dropping sight of the 4 meter glass cube hanging high up in the air in a thicket of trees is a sight to behold.

Using the mirrors is an age old architectural trick – cover the façade of a construction with glass and it blends in or disappears into the surroundings. Usually used in buildings to cut the appearance of height, in the treehouse, this trick transforms the building to a mirror box that hangs like a fixture reflecting the trees and sky.

mirrored treehouse closeup Picture Perfect Invisible Treehouse Comes Up In Sweden

Friendly to the eye, as it does not disturb the natural beauty of the surroundings, the architects have made a definite attempt to be eco friendly on the inside as well. Sustainably harvested wood has been used for the interiors; electric radiant floor heating is in place and the toilet functions through eco friendly incineration.

One of the main concerns when the idea was proposed was that birds would accidentally crash into the building. This issue has been resolved by having a special film on the mirrors that make the exterior visible to all feathered beings. The owners of the treehouse are so pleased and inspired with its unobtrusiveness that they have decided to offer activities that are more in keeping with the silence and harmony that the structure inspires. They have discarded the idea of the usual snowmobile safari and are offering wilderness walks instead.

(Via Treehugger)