The Mercury To Offer Ultra-Efficient Clean Travel Soon

July 16, 2010 / 1 Comment

London design firm Priestmangoode recently displayed the Mercury,  the concept of a high speed train specifically designed for low-carbon ultra-efficient travel. The double-decker train has a sleek body and unique interior design, which is anticipated to revolutionize rail travel.

Mercury High Speed Train The Mercury To Offer Ultra Efficient Clean Travel Soon

The design is intended to hail back to the time of iconic British design. Britain was the place that gave the world the Concorde, the Spitfire, Rolls Royce, and the Mercury is an attempt to achieve the spot of global leader in technology and design once again.

The revolutionary train has an extended nose section which adds greatly to the aerodynamics increasing speed capability to 225 mph. Interiors are bright and inviting, the upper deck windows curve to the roof – giving passengers incredible views of the landscape.

Mercury High Speed Train1 The Mercury To Offer Ultra Efficient Clean Travel Soon

The Mercury is 400 meters long, and has private berths for groups; potential for a children’s play area and an ultra luxurious first class section. The aim is to make train travel luxurious and exciting to appeal to an increasing number of passengers.

(Via Inhabitat)