Green Battery: Shake It To Generate Energy With Vibration

July 19, 2010 / 1 Comment

An amazing new green device – – Vibration powered Generating Battery – has been developed by Brother Industries. The uniqueness of this device is that it is a small vibration-powered generator that can replace AA and AAA batteries. If the battery is being used in a torch or a remote control, all the user has to do to generate the battery’s power is shake it. The vibration that is thus created will generate the energy.

vib battery2 Green Battery: Shake It To Generate Energy With Vibration

The company sources say that this battery will semi-permanently remove the need to change batteries at intervals. This could drastically reduce the amount of batteries that are being used now, which turn into pollutants after they are discarded in the waste.

vib battery 171x300 Green Battery: Shake It To Generate Energy With VibrationThe new batteries are shaped like conventional batteries, and what’s more, when these are being used in a device that requires very little power or does not need power all the time, the generator can replace the battery.

The company has the prototypes both in AA and AAA sizes. The battery shaped case has an electromagnetic induction generator and an electric double layer capacitor with a capacitance of about 500mF. The average output of the AA-size generator is 10 to 180mW (frequency: 4-8Hz).

Brother Industries plans to show their product to the world at Tokyo’s Techno-frontier 2010, an exhibition that will run from July 21 to 23. At the event, devices that will exhibit the battery’s capabilities will be – a TV remote control, a remote for lighting equipment and an LED flashlight.

(Via Tech-On)