Tune In To Green Entertainment With The Roku Box!

July 19, 2010 / 2 Comments

Who would have thought that a home entertainment gadget could be considered green? Users affirm that the Roku Box  – which is a gadget that is Wi-Fi ready and enables users to watch web content streamed directly onto their TV sets – in its own way contributes to helping the environment.

roku player hd Tune In To Green Entertainment With The Roku Box!

The compact, lightweight Roku box can be used for watching movies, looking at photos and listening to music. The gadget offers a big list of channels that the user can choose from. Users affirm that it is so easy to use and the variety of the selection up for grabs so enticing that they end up purchasing fewer DVDs, it reduces carbon costs that the usual packaging and shipping would incur, and it also ensures less clutter in the house!

The Roku Box can also be tuned into Amazon to access content tat hasn’t been made available on the channels yet. The movie can be rented or bought from Amazon on Demand via the Roku Box.

For music lovers, Roku has a Pandora radio channel. On Roku, this channel plays without advertisements, and the variety of music available makes sure that all age groups and demographics have something that would appeal to them.  The easy-to-use remote ensures that even children can use the gadget with ease. But the most reassuring factor to parents who are eco-conscious is that this unassuming little box eliminates a huge amount of plastic and packaging while providing unmatched entertainment options.

(Via Inhabitots)