Passing On Green Values To Your Pets

July 27, 2010 / 1 Comment

Eco-conscious pet owners are seeking to pamper their beloved animals with eco-friendly products. Up on offer are hemp and bamboo collars, organic coconut chip nibbles and even beds made of recycled material. Till a while ago, ‘pampering your pet’ options were limited to expensive diamond collars and fitness trainers and regimes for pets to get in shape and healthy. Now green options are part of that list.

pets Passing On Green Values To Your Pets

Pet products experts say that in the past more than ever before, the pet market has been seeing a rise of eco-friendly products for pets. People seem to have begun waking up to the fact that their pet can also contribute in reducing their carbon footprint. The advantage is that the eco friendly product will be good for the environment, good for the owner and good for the pet as well.

Companies like Planet Dog have been providing customers with sustainable material products and recyclable toys for more than ten years now. Fortunately going green does not have to mean going out of style or sacrificing convenience. A New York pet product show recently showcased many stylish outfits for pet owners to choose from apart from the usual portable potties and organic grooming products.

Other interesting pet and allied products available are a new line of pet wear from TORU called Rescue Wear – which promotes awareness rescue groups, adoption and spay and neuter programs. Pet Acoustics has on offer what they call the world’s first pet speaker designed for the animal’s hearing sensitivities. This will play relaxing music for animals and is aimed at calming the pet down while traveling, through thunderstorms and during visits to the vet.

(Via Washington Post)