Queen’s Guard Likely To Turn To Faux Bearskin Caps

July 28, 2010 / No Comments

The Queen of England’s Guards seem to unwittingly have contributed to animal cruelty. The bearskin cap that the Guards have been wearing for years is supposedly responsible for taking the life of one bear per cap. Now, to give the guards animal friendly headgear, Peta UK and animal rights activist/fashion designer Stella MacCartney, along with Atom Cianfarani, a green designer have created a fake fur prototype that will serve as an alternative. The faux fur cap is going through a series of tests by the Ministry of Defense.

 NoBearSkin Queens Guard Likely To Turn To Faux Bearskin Caps

The bearskin that was originally used is obtained from Canada, where bears are culled to keep the population under control. The practice of having the bearskin cap started after the Battle of Waterloo (1815). After the Grenadier Guards defeated Napoleon’s Imperial Guard, they took the vanquished enemies headgear as their badge of honor and have been wearing it ever since.

Faux fur is synthetic fiber, created from petrochemicals. The green advantage is energy consumption is much lesser when one opts for the faux fur. Peta says that 60 times more energy is required to make a fur coat from ranch raised animals; also there is the advantage of not having pollution from fur farms leaking into the water. And best of all, all these are in addition to the fact that no animals have to offer up their lives!

(Via TreeHugger)