Solar Powered Museum By MAD Architects Proposed For China

July 29, 2010 / 1 Comment

A novel proposal has been put forward by the firm MAD Architects – they propose that a sustainable floating museum be constructed in Xiamen, China. The façade of the museum itself will be a work of art a fitting testament to the artifacts that inhabit the interior.

china Solar Powered Museum By MAD Architects Proposed For China

The idea for the construction is to make sure that the museum will look like it is floating in the air. The exterior will be an undulating, molten metal looking, organic shaped one; and the surface will have a mirror effect, reflecting the surrounding environment and landscape onto the exterior walls. This exceptional design will be heightened by the fact that the structure will be a sustainable one – making use of the sunny climate of Xiamen to create energy through roof solar panels. Also, because it almost floats – resting on five stilt-like extensions that could rightly be called legs- there is a lot of free space under the structure. The museum is set in a location that is similar to a natural park, and the beauty of the surroundings together with the novelty of the museum is expected to draw in crowds.

The floating museum will have three levels – space below, museum interior and the roof with solar paneling. The ground floor is set to have landscaped areas that are open to the public, as well as sports areas, amphitheatres and meeting spaces. The middle level that is housed in an organic cloud like form will house the exhibitions, and also have restaurants, cafes and offices. The stilts that function as the legs of the structure will house the elevators that provide access to the middle and upper levels of the building.

The roof will have artificial landscapes – with lakes, wetlands and greenery creating a fantasy land on top of the cloud structure. This level will also have the solar panels that will provide the energy for the structure.

(Via Inhabitat)