Green Garage Door Set To Make Waves In Florida

July 30, 2010 / 11 Comments

Now even your garage doors could be greener! An announcement from the company Eden Coast LLC, stated that they have begun to market the Garage Door Florida. This means that soon customers will be able to choose garage doors that are high quality, ecofriendly, and made from composite materials, which make them resistant to mold and termite as well as warping and rotting.

greendoor Green Garage Door Set To Make Waves In Florida

The special focus on coastal Florida is due to the fact that these doors are ideal for the region, being able to withstand the damp and high moisture. The added advantage is that due to the door being made from composite materials it will not require the repeated repair work that the traditional wooden garage doors so often require.

Being the biggest moving part of a home, a garage door has a big impact on sustainability and energy efficiency in a home. The insulating materials that Eden has used on their doors – insulation up to and R Value of 10.5 and upgraded garage doors to an R Value of 16.5 contributes greatly to their energy efficiency. And having each door tailor made to fit the requirements of the building, is a sure way to enhance its appeal. Eden Coast LLC has made available all of the design options available through the Garage Door Florida website. Here, visitors can choose the door style of their choice, and also check out window and hardware options and stain colors. The website also carries all the information on design and manufacturing as well as details of doors that have already been made for Florida homeowners.

The company is going all out to make sure that prospective clients are fully informed and kept up to date with all information regarding their green garage door. Social media strategies, marketing campaigns, blog coverage as well as traditional methods of information dissemination are being strategically pursued.

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