MobileEdge Intros Eco-friendly ScanFast Laptop Cases Made Out Of Corn

August 4, 2010 / 1 Comment

scanfast MobileEdge Intros Eco friendly ScanFast Laptop Cases Made Out Of Corn

Laptop carrying cases and travel accessories maker Mobile Edge has joined hands with DuPont to bring in a new polymeric material called Soronar into the making of the company’s new ScanFast laptop cases. Soronar is the main ingredient that goes into the creation of the laptop cases.

Made partially with Agricultural Feedstock that has the ability to snip greenhouse gas emissions by 63 percent compared to typical petroleum based Nylon or Polyester production, the new Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case Collection comes boasting of the renewable resource that cuts down on energy consumption during production by 30 percent.

Soft and stain resistant, the Soronar fibers also offer high strength and stiffness. The environment-friendly material used in the making of the Scanfast laptop cases are expected to break new paths in this arena. Mobile Edge, in fact, aims at putting in place a standard for producing truly eco-friendly laptop cases through this innovation.

It needs to be pointed out here that the TSA has already come out with norms that allow travelers with properly designed carrying cases to pass through security checkpoints without removing their laptops. The products from Mobile Edge could be seen as a follow up of the announcement of these guidelines. Each laptop case is designed to provide an unobstructed security scan of the computer. The products carry a lifetime warranty and is to hot the mart  with a price tag of $99.99 each for the new ScanFast 2.0 Collection that consists of a stylish briefcase, traditional messenger bag and a backpack.

(Via GIS User)