Hollywood Treads the Greener Path

August 13, 2010 / 1 Comment

The Producers Guild of America has launched greenproductionguide.com which features a database of environmentally friendly products and services from vendors across the United States. This new campaign, which is the latest push in Hollywood’s efforts to clean up its “green” act, follows the launch of PGAGreen.org which the PGA had made in the previous year. The PGAGreen.org was aimed at providing the film and media industry with resources to become more environmentally friendly.

Hollywood Hollywood Treads the Greener Path

Over the years Hollywood has been criticized to be environmentally unfriendly due to their overuse of energy and the creation of loads of trash. The new move has been made as a reply to the criticisms and aims to make Hollywood eco friendly. The Greenproductionguide.com is backed by funding from Walt Disney, Fox, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros, along with 1500 other supporters. The website offers a database of eco friendly products and services. People will be able to select from a variety of categories ranging from accommodations and adhesives to wood and water bottles.

The organizations that are included in the site can help producers to supply set pieces to other productions. It even has a “Best Practices” page which suggests environmentally safe ways to conduct productions and give tips on things such as cruelty-free make-up, hair and personal care products. It also provides a tool called the Green Production Guide calculator which can be used by producers to calculate their production’s Carbon emissions. The downloadable Carbon Calculator measures the emissions when data on emission sources is entered into it. Apart from helping producers to measure emissions generated by filming TV shows and movies, it will also provide tips to reduce them. The new campaign is expected to be a success and also inspire others to follow nature friendly ideas.

(Via Mother Nature Network)