Liberty Tire Recycling is Official Sponsor of MAKE Motorsports Vehicle in NASCAR

August 18, 2010 / 1 Comment

Liberty Tire Recycling is the leading tire recycling company in the US. Reports are coming in of the company getting to be the official sponsor of the MAKE Motorsports’ #50 Liberty Tire Recycling Chevy Silverado, which will be racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. This is the first such sponsorship in the ‘green’ category at NASCAR. The Chevy Silverado will be driven by veteran driver T.J.Bell.

LIBERTY Liberty Tire Recycling is Official Sponsor of MAKE Motorsports Vehicle in NASCAR

For Liberty Tire, this association will take them to a place of being able to reach more people with the message that sustainability can be coupled with performance. The company reclaims more than 1.5 billion pounds of rubber every year to turn the material into eco friendly reusable products. Scrap tires provide a steady supply of raw material for many innovative products that the company produces including rubberized asphalt; fuel derived from the tires and recycled rubber mulch. The company says that in addition to being better for the environment, these products actually deliver better performance than their conventional counterparts.

MAKE Motorsports is a race company founded by Mark Beaver and Tracy Lowe, who have 50 years of racing experience between them. Lowe is one of the very few women team owners in the field and both owners are committed to enhancing the sport with quality-prepared vehicles, an experienced crew, and sound business practices. Part of their focus is to ensure that they do whatever is possible to ensure that the planet is sustained and helped. And by teaming up with Liberty Tire is the perfect solution for them in this endeavor.

(Via PRNewsWire)