London Trees to Have Readymade Birdhouses

August 18, 2010 / No Comments

In most of the big cities around the globe, birds have been adapting and struggling to retain their way of life in the face of fast changes unfolding all around them. When the trees are diminishing in number, most birds have learnt that when you find a spot that looks like it could be good for a nest, you better claim immediately.

birdbox London Trees to Have Readymade Birdhouses

Birds in the London areas of Chelsea and Islington will find out soon that they will have this pressure ease off slightly. Artists at London Fieldworks have developed an unusual concept for housing birds. Titled the ‘Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven’, the concept opened as a part of the Secret Gardens Project by UP Projects.

The concept bands together over 250 bird and bug boxes available in the market to form a unique sculptural art installation nestled in at tree. With a wide range of boxes in several shapes and sizes to choose from, it is hoped that the birds will choose the housing that they desire and proceed to make it their own. The design reflects the architecture of the flats and Georgian terraces that surround the park near Duncan Terrace Gardens and Cremorne Gardens. The birdhouse complex has been created so that they are woven together with elastic bands, which means that the structure will shift organically and grow with the tree.

The creators hope that the complex will evolve to be a hub of biodiversity and inspire the public to become more aware of the cultural and ecological value of green spaces in urban living.

(Via Inhabitat)