Family Hostel in Liverpool to be Eco-Friendly

August 25, 2010 / No Comments

Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) has approved plans to transform a former convent into a hostel for the homeless. Work on the redevelopment is expected to commence in November, after the City Council of Liverpool also approves the plans.

LMH Family Hostel in Liverpool to be Eco Friendly

Known as the Belvidere Road Family Centre, the building will be redeveloped into an eco-friendly, modern structure that will be housing families who are seeking emergency, temporary accommodation. Reports say the building will have sixteen flats, which can house up to eighty people.

The centre as it stands now was initially made up of two semi detached 1870s houses, which were converted to a convent, before being turned into the housing centre that it is now.

Upon redevelopment enhancing eco-friendliness, the building will have solar panels that will provide the electricity, flat plate solar collectors to convert hot air into energy and heat pumps to provide hot water.

Part of the extension planned is a large glazed panel which will allow natural light to stream into the building; and also enable the cool air converted into space heating for distribution around the public areas.

The new plans were designed by John McCall Architects, with inputs from LMH, which had been consulting with existing users and the local community.

City officials are reportedly ecstatic about the concept of eco-friendliness that was integrated into the new plans.

(Via BBC)