The 62nd Emmy Awards To Go Thoroughly Green!

August 25, 2010 / No Comments

On August 29, the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, will be the greenest it has possibly ever been. Reports say that the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards are being engineered to be eco friendly all the way!

Jimmyfallon The 62nd Emmy Awards  To Go Thoroughly Green!

On stage and backstage, all of the live production is structured to use recyclable and green materials. The set will be made of recyclable materials, like those from Ceilume. The light bulbs that the crew will use are energy efficient ones; batteries will be rechargeable, and transportation – including human cargo, goods and equipment – is through alternative or hybrid fueled, trucks and cars. Fans and forklifts that run on green fuel have been provided by Sweetwater Digital Productions and Scenic Expressions. Celebrities attending the event will be transported to the event in ‘green’ vehicles.

Also being used are refillable water bottles for the crew, cleaning products for maintenance that are non-toxic and non-aerosol. Caterers have been requested to provide free range, home grown, organic cuisine cooked on low emission cooking grills, and also use tablecloths and tableware that can be reused. The departments of hair and makeup are equipped with cruelty-free products and other organic substitutes.

The drive doesn’t end there – the office functions with dry-erase calendars, water bottles in place of the usual plastic bottle, documents are disseminated digitally whenever possible, failing which double sided recycled paper is used.

Great care is taken to minimize the use of energy – lights and equipment are turned off when not being used and materials like glass, aluminum, paper and plastic are separated for recycling. What’s more, the leftovers from the event – food and wardrobe – will be donated, hangers and plastic bags returned to the dry cleaners.

It sure looks like a thorough attempt to ensure an all green event, one that Hollywood celebrities and TV moguls will remember a long time after they stroll down the red carpet.

(Via MNN)