Italian Gas Stations to Have Hydrogen Fuel Pumps

August 27, 2010 / No Comments

Euopean clean energy company, Acta, has announced their plans for creating a network of solar-powered hydrogen fueling stations throughout Italy. The new pumps will work by harnessing solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel from water through the process of electrolysis.
honda refueling station Italian Gas Stations to Have Hydrogen Fuel Pumps

Using hydrogen has several advantages over using batteries. It doesn’t require long recharges and it makes emission-creating production lines unnecessary. And because it can work in tandem with batteries in a vehicle, it can easily become an alternative fuel in its own right.

Acta choosing Italy to receive the solar hydrogen refilling stations is seen as apt – since Italy has always been a strong supporter of solar power.
New legislation in the country makes it mandatory for all new fuel stations to have a minimum amount of photovoltaic panels installed, and to make available a gaseous alternative to traditional fuel like petrol and diesel.

Distribution of the solar cells to the Acta fuel umps will be done by Girelli Bruni – who is the only company authorized to deploy the hydrogen refilling stations across Italy.

More than 170 installations have been finished during 2009 say sources, ushering in a more sustainable fueling network.

(Via Inhabitat)