New Green Courses Galore to Equip People for Green Jobs

August 27, 2010 / No Comments

With the green movement gathering more momentum than it has ever had before, there are now educational courses that focus on green issues. The rise in environmental issues  – at a time when President Obama has invested approximately $80 billion on renewable resources an in the building of two solar panel plants – has led several educational institutions to offer courses that will help to create workers who will be able to meet the rising demands for green jobs.

green edu New Green Courses Galore to Equip People for Green Jobs

Students attending these courses are being given the skills necessary to cope with in-demand green jobs. Recently a Guide to Green College was released by Princeton Review and the U.S. Green Building Council.

A course in an aspect of green study is anticipated to reward one with the assurance of job stability – with environmental issues and their solution being important on everyone’s agenda.

Some of the campuses providing environmental initiatives include:

•           Lawrence University, -which offers degree in environmental studies focusing on either environment policy or science;

•           Marquette University, Milwaukee-where environmental engineering students may specialize in water resource, supply, disposal and wastewater treatment. It also offers courses with environmental impacts of transportation, sustainable engineering and models of sustainability.

•           Milwaukee School of Engineering-Their degree in architectural engineering and construction management can as an option have environmental design specialization. It also has environmental engineering degree program.

•           Northland College-Has pioneered environmental liberal arts studies in 1971.Offers a spring course in the installation of photovoltaic including solar panels.

•           University of Wisconsin, Madison-offers degree in environmental studies, transportation management and water resources management degree. Its engineering college includes a civil and environmental engineering department.

•           University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee– offers education program in water technology and sustainable code integration. It has applied science programs in wind energy and solar energy.

(Via Ecoinstitution)