Win-Win for Green Cabbie Paton

August 30, 2010 / No Comments

A taxi fleet owner in Scotland is due to get his second environmental award for 2010. His mission to make a green impact in the taxi industry is getting noticed and acknowledged.

colin paton Win Win for Green Cabbie Paton

Colin Paton’s firm has already won a place on the prestigious Scottish Green List, and now that has been followed by a nomination for the Scottish Green Awards.

Colin’s green drive started in 2008, when he was motivated by the publicity surrounding environmentalism, and added six hybrid cars – Toyota Priuses – to his fleet of taxis. Although they cost him almost £5,000 additionally per car, he was convinced that the savings in fuel and road tax would enable him to recover the difference.

He anticipated making the money back in four years, but now feels that recovery could happen faster – in two and a half or three years.

His drivers are put through training, which helps them to cut down on fuel consumption. Colin also plans to make his own biofuel sources from chip oil to power some of his vehicles. The fact that he recycles old oil and tires, and has built his own garage so that mileage is saved when his cars require work to be done on them, only adds to the eco-friendliness of the company.

When he started off there were rival companies scoffing at the concept. Now, he has been able to show them that taking care of the environment does not necessarily mean that it will be bad for business.

With the hybrid vehicles, Paton saw his fuel bills dropping by approximately £300 a week, and also made a huge difference in consumption.

He believes his approach could cut emissions from the taxi business by 30 million tonnes every year. Statistically figuring it out reveals that one tonne of carbon every 12,000 miles can be saved by going the Colin Paton route. That could add up to 30 million tonnes across Scotland.

(Via News.Scotsman)