Eco-Friendly, Stress Busting, Cost Effective G-Bike – Out Now!

September 1, 2010 / No Comments

The new G-Bike is out. Cost effective, without compromising on style, the bike is fully electric and can be used for 35 miles on a 4-8 hour charge, at a speed of 20 mph.

GBike Eco Friendly, Stress Busting, Cost Effective G Bike – Out Now!

The eco friendly battery powered electric bike is available in two models – the City and the Chopper – which intend to give a totally new travel option to commuters who were waiting for a green, stress free alternative to their usual commute.

Available at Santa Monica’s Fred Segal Fun, the bikes boast of operating at a mere 29 cents per charge. Other features include pedals that can be removed, remote control alarm, rear-view mirrors and ample storage space.

Adding immensely to its appeal is the fact that the bike requires no license, insurance or registration. Both models are available in seven standard color combinations, and the company also gives the customer the option of getting a custom color job.

Based in Los Angeles, California, G-Bike is an electric transportation company started by an entrepreneur Travis Morphew who saw the immense potential that alternative transport solution held.

The company wanted to provide users with a ravel option that would deliver them from the stress associated with driving a car.

The City model of the G-Bike looks like a motor scooter – it has an integrated footrest and a step-through frame. The Chopper looks like the chopper motorbike – with an elongated front end, with a low riding position.

Both the models of the G-Bike are competitively priced – on par with the mid-range road and mountain bikes. The Chopper is available for $1000 and the City comes for $1100. This could be the vehicle that revolutionizes inter-city and cross-city travel while caring for the planet as well.
(Via G-Bike)