eBay’s New Green Initiative Comes in the Form Of Eco-Friendly Boxes

September 3, 2010 / 1 Comment

In an attempt to making a green contribution to the environment, eBay is currently testing a shipping box that can be reused several numbers of times.

ebay box inside eBay’s New Green Initiative Comes in the Form Of Eco Friendly Boxes

The new durable eco friendly shipping box was designed by a team of eBay employees at Innovation Expo – which is a program that encourages employees to come up with ideas for products tat benefit eBay buyers and sellers.

The exterior of the box has messages like ‘Reuse eBay Box’ and ‘Where to Next?’ and ‘This box is on a mission to make shipping a little greener and the world a little cleaner’.

The inside of the box also carries messages including one that encourages recipients to sell again on eBay. It says “Now that you’ve gotten what you wanted, sell what you don’t and make some extra cash.”

There is also space on the box for recipients to write a personal message to the next person in the chain – and so the history of each box can be tracked through a virtual community where buyers and sellers can connect online.

The eBay Green Team says that if each box is reused at least five times, it can save almost 4,000 trees and2.4 million gallons of water and conserve enough energy to power 49 homes for a year.

The company has launched the boxes in a pilot program – printing 100,000 boxes in three sizes. Participants in the eBay On Location event have been participating in the pilot program.

The feedback will give the company more information on how well the boxes can function and what they can do as their next step to take the idea forward.

(Via eBaygreenteam)