Green Peak Eco-Friendly Imaging Products Now Available Online

September 9, 2010 / No Comments

In a bid to enable customers to place orders for its eco-friendly imaging products via the Internet, Green Peak Imaging Solutions has announced the launch of their online ordering portal. This alternative imaging supply company provides eco-friendly imaging products such as toner, ink, printers, maintenance kits and fusers to home offices and businesses across the US.

greenimaging Green Peak Eco Friendly Imaging Products Now Available Online

It aims at firms which have made ‘green’ IT initiatives as a priority. Its cost effective products are priced 15% to 75% less than original equipment branded products. The company collects or reclaims old product and granulates these raw materials for the purpose of reuse.

It then remanufactures these for re-introduction into the home and corporate office ecosystems.

Moreover, it also responsibly disposes of or recycle used products that do not qualify as remanufacturing candidates.

Green Peak has also undertaken an environmental mission. This mission, according to the company’s President Dennis Fotopoulos, has set the goal of attaining the ‘Zero Landfill Waste’ within three years or sooner.

Its objective is to prevent pollution and minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive impact of its activities on the environment.

The Green Peak Imaging Solutions model is built on the continuous improvement of environmental practices and promises be an eco-friendly alternative.