Northern California Artists Mark Grieve & Ilana Spector Erect a Monumental Cyclisk

September 9, 2010 / 1 Comment

An obelisk, titled ‘cyclisk’ has been built by Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, artists hailing from Northern California. The monumental sculpture, which is made out of recycled bicycles, stands 65 feet tall and weighs around 10,000 pounds. It is one of three other bicycle structures built by Grieve.

bicycleobelisk Northern California Artists Mark Grieve & Ilana Spector Erect a Monumental Cyclisk

The structure has been constructed out of around 340 bicycles and one tricycle, which were collected from community donations. It has been installed on a street corner in Santa Rosa, California, and ironically sits right in the midst of a bunch of auto dealerships.

‘Santa Rosa Art in Public Places Program’ spearheaded the project which had a total expenditure of $37,000 which includes expenses related to design development, engineering, collecting and disassembling bike parts from nonprofit bike bicycle groups and many other expenses.

The project was made a reality with funds from Nissan, a building dealership in the city. Santa Rosa’s “1% for art” law requires major construction projects to donate money to public art projects.

The Cyclisk was funded through a 1 percent tax on the new $3.7 million Nissan of Santa Rosa dealership building.

Grieve expects the work to be an intersection of ideas so that the monument can adapt to the changing community. According to the artists, the sculpture is a tribute to the cycle culture which has been considered a more eco-friendly way of transportation.

Above all, it exhibited a new way of using the unusable parts of old bikes, and these are not becoming land fill anymore.

(Via Wired)