Philips Develops World’s first AC-Powered OLED

September 13, 2010 / No Comments

The first ever OLED (organic light emitting module) that can be powered from an AC source have been developed by the scientists of Philips. This invention helps to reduce the need of huge power management circuitry. This development can innovate and simplify luminaire design for future OLED based systems.

philips OLED Philips Develops World’s first AC Powered OLED

OLEDs are extremely efficient light emitters and help in reducing the financial and environmental costs of lighting. OLEDs produce a calm and non glaring illumination and also make it possible to create light sources of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are always an interesting option for general illumination as they can produce many different colors as well as whites, including the kind of white light which people appreciate from the traditional light sources.

Until now these lights were powered only with low voltage DC sources because of their physical characteristics. But with the development that Philips achieved, it can be plugged directly into any wall socket with mains electrical supply.

Dr. Dirk Hente of Philips Research said that they combined proprietary interconnect and packaging technology to create this demonstrator. The development offers more freedom in design and helps in expanding the range of potential OLED applications.

They developed the AC module in collaboration with Dipl.-Phys. Holger Spahr, Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik, TUBraunschweig, Germany as part of the TOPAS 2012 project. The project brought together the leading industrial and academic organizations to develop OLEDs for lighting systems of the future. The venture was funded by the German government.

(Via Inhabitat)