Nation-E Angel Car is an EV Charging Station on Wheels

September 16, 2010 / No Comments

Swiss company Nation-E has come out with a vehicle called Angel car, which is actually an EV charging station. The device is attached to the boot of the vehicle and it is painted green. It has a touch screen for making the operations simpler and can be retrofitted to any appropriately-sized van.

Angel Car Mobile EV Charger Nation E Angel Car is an EV Charging Station on Wheels

The device is powered by a 230V system. It charges your car within 15 minutes, and gives the vehicle a capacity to travel for 30 kilometers. This eco-friendly charging facility can provide help in emergency if your car is out of charge

Although there are debates all around, many believe that the new innovation indeed makes sense. Many argue there is actually no need of such a mobile EV station, as the electric vehicles are really not meant for long travels.

But as we see, the popularity of electric cars is increasing day by day. And machines can be on strike at any time whether it’s electric or not. So whether it’s an EV or any such kind, having a mobile refilling station to the location in just a phone call really makes sense.

(Via GadgetReview)