Missouri River Cultural Conservancy Eco-friendly Art Festival Showcases Green Initiatives

September 20, 2010 / No Comments

Several vendors and artists assembled at Cooper’s Landing outside Columbia, Missouri on September 19 with their ‘Green’ products as part of the fourth annual eco-art-festival. The event was hosted by The Missouri River Cultural Conservancy, and the event featured jewelry made from recycled goods, pottery, organic wool, soap made from goat’s milk, pieces of art made from eco-friendly and recycled materials.

ecoartfest Missouri River Cultural Conservancy Eco friendly Art Festival Showcases Green Initiatives

The festival provided an exotic space for the city-dwellers to reconnect with the nature and environment. It also featured local artist’s work and music. The event had information booths set up by environmental groups aimed at creating awareness among the people about the importance of nature and natural resources.

The Missouri River Relief group, one among the environmental groups at the festival, has been into educating younger people and making them aware of the pivotal role they can play to protect the river environment.

The group also organizes excursion throughout the state of Missouri with the mission to relieve the rivers and water shed areas. The eco festival attracted good crowds this year. It is held every year to celebrate the environment and natural resources of Missouri.

(Via KOMU)