Sanitov Bikes with GPS Technology Debut

September 23, 2010 / No Comments

Sanitov Studio launches their new C-Type Cargo bike that features an innovative GPS tracking system. The C-type Cargo bike is a simple design coupled with brilliant construction techniques. This elegant model is suitable for transporting goods as well. The technology of GPS incorporated in the design connects to a tracking system to track statistics about daily cycle routines.

Bike Sanitov Bikes with GPS Technology Debut

It also proves to be helpful in providing users with extra protection from theft. Sanitov have much bigger plans apart from this. With their GPS system, they hope to track users’ bike patterns onto to a map system which will in turn lead to the creation of a large collaborative art project as the routes of many different people are traced in different colours across the city.

This ultimately makes the movement not just a sustainable action, but an art. According to the studio, when people move about on their bikes in the great urban cities of the world, they are taking part in an orchestrated series of vibration.

The Art of movement exhibition at London Design Festival 2010 held by Sanitov studio features the C-type cargo bike. It also features posters designed by acclaimed artists from Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tokyo, Montreal and London.

The posters include interesting images such as the British Queen riding a bicycle, a re-make of the Last Supper image with a bicycle inserted, etc.

The venue of the exhibition is at The Wayward Gallery in the East End. London has been witnessing a steady increase in the number of cyclists over the past few years. Such innovations and exhibitions are sure to encourage the trend.

(Via Inhabitat)