Eco-friendly Yachts at 20th Monaco Yacht Show

September 28, 2010 / No Comments

Super luxury yachts have converged on the Riviera for this year’s 20th Monaco Yacht Show. The four-day show at the Monaco Port that opened on Wednesday had some 100 super yachts of up to 90 meters (300 feet) in length. Among the participants, a small number has determined to reduce their impact on the environment. The trend of going green has spiked in the yachting sector over the last five years.

yacht Eco friendly Yachts at 20th Monaco Yacht Show

A report quoting Paolo Moretti, who heads the yachting division of Italy’s ship certification body RINA, said the yachts owners now not only want to excel in terms of comfort and luxury but also in environmental sustainability. Many among them, particularly the more technically-minded owners are deeply concerned by environmental issues. Among the 28,000-plus participants, there were also some 500 firms which involved themselves in the design, paint, engines and waste disposal for the super yachts at the same time working on how to make yachting more sustainable.

Yachting had lagged behind other sectors in terms of environmental awareness, for two reasons. Being a deeply conservative field it has been often slow to adopt new trends. The enormous research and development costs also possessed a challenge.

Despite these challenges, however, a number of yachts with sustainable development features are on the drawing board.

The newly launched yatch giant, Exuma, features an exemplary green design conceived by Philippe Briand, who is known for his cutting-edge sailing yachts. Exuma is considered as the first of a new series of Vitruvius motor yachts built by Italy’s Pichiotti and Perini Navi can accommodate 10 guests and 8 member crew. This lighter weight vessel of 50 meters with an unusual aluminum hull is designed as such to reduce its fuel consumption.

Exuma, narrower and sleeker as compared to other motor yachts has not made any compromise on its performance efficiency. It won the Green plus Yacht Award 2010. The Dutch-based shipyard Feadship, is now turning to green designs

Its latest proposed yacht, named ‘Breathe’ features special paint on the hull to reduce water resistance, solar cells and diesel-electric hybrid propulsion.

One of the easiest ways to reduce yacht’s carbon footprint is to sign up to a ‘yacht carbon offset scheme’. During the offsetting process, a yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions are quantified and then balanced by equivalent emissions reductions from carefully-selected green energy projects around the world. Yachts using the service include Lionheart, Candyscape II, RoMa and Twizzle.

Large amounts of garbage that accumulate on yachts, which often spend many days at sea, are also taken into consideration and new ways are under discussion to tackle this.

These include a unit that grinds waste into an eco-friendly sterilized fluff-like end product. Anyhow, experts say that efforts to make yachting more environmentally friendly are likely to have a limited impact.

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