Nissan LEAF Owners Offered Roadside Assistance

September 29, 2010 / No Comments

Nissan, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, has introduced a new roadside assistance service for LEAF owners. The new system has been designed specifically for the company’s vehicle, the electric LEAF (leading environmentally friendly and affordable family car) owners. With this, the company hopes to reduce the ‘range anxiety’ which refers to the problem of drivers who accidentally run out of juice while being far from an electrical outlet.

nissan leaf Nissan LEAF Owners Offered Roadside Assistance

The service will provide aid with a backup plan to the drivers. Nissan is offering a monthly service which cost 1,500 yen per month that is $18 that will pick the LEAF owners who find themselves stranded without power, and will drop them off at the nearest Nissan dealership to take advantage of their L3 or L2 quick charge infrastructure.

This program will account for $200 per year. The package also include free ‘check-ups’ every 6 months for the LEAF, and will also provide insurance liability or coverage of up to 550,000 yen  which means $6,500 for expenses incurred by way of the battery running out of power.

Nissan is also trying to trademark the term ‘range anxiety’. Initially the service will be offered only in Japan but possibilities are there for its appearance in other regions in one form or another on partnership basis with other road services.

LEAF is essentially designed as a daily urban commuter that gets recharged each night. Moreover it is not used for long drives. The customers will never need to call this service, but still the service is worthy in its own way.

(Via Treehugger)