Finca Bellavista, the Energy Efficient Tree House Enclave in the Costa Rican Jungle

October 1, 2010 / No Comments

A solar-powered tree house community has been built in the Costa Rican Jungle, and it is considered the world’s first modern, planned, sustainable tree house community. Named  ‘Finca Bellavista’, the enclave near the Pan-American Highway is the idea of Matt Hogan and his wife Erica.

costa rica jungles 2 Finca Bellavista, the Energy Efficient Tree House Enclave in the Costa Rican Jungle

Running water, electricity, refrigeration, complete bathrooms, including a shower and head, and even WiFi facilities are available here. The community of the Finca comprises about 100 residents including professionals, young families with kids and retirees, most of them being American or Canadian.

The whole community consists of about two dozen sky-high structures. The 82 acre in total has 40 other properties which have been sold and planned for development. The first stage of “pre-infrastructure” lots is sold out and there are six more in Phase Two, starting at $55,000.

Hogan, a former motocross racer, conceived this design of energy efficient tree house after joining an environmental movement which aimed towards taking communities off strained electrical grids. This infrastructure of Finca aims at protecting the environment and creating ‘green’ jobs in the field of building and construction. The husband and wife duo took out home-equity loans against their house in Colorado to buy land from local owners in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

The Hogans, have a hard time traveling to Costa Rica because of passport issues. Neither of them has been granted citizenship, so they have to leave the country for three days every three months. The couple was living in Crested Butte, Colorado, four years ago when they decided to fly to Costa Rica in search of a surf-shack hideaway.

(Via ABCNews)