Lotus City Car Hybrid Concept Makes Paris Debut

October 4, 2010 / No Comments

Automaker Lotus has introduced its new City Car concept. As the name suggests, it is an economic urban runabout and employs dazzling looks. The car features an advanced series of hybrid technology with range extender engine and single-speed transmission.

lotus city car Lotus City Car Hybrid Concept Makes Paris Debut

It is regarded as the achievement of Lotus Engineering’s Electrical and Electronic Integration and Efficient Performance competencies. Earlier, the company has introduced five concept vehicles such as Elite, Espirit, Elise, Eterne hybrid and Elan.

The electric-only series of lotus earlier possessed a range of 37 miles and now the range extender delivers at least 165 miles more. The 1.2 liter, 3 cylinder Lotus Range Extender engine enables longer trips alleviating “range anxiety”. It also means a smaller, lighter and less expensive battery pack than a regular EV. The hybrid drivetrain provides with an EV range of 60 km to cover the majority of journeys operating as a plug-in EV.

Carbon di oxide emission is rated below 60 grams per kilometer. It takes less ten seconds to accomplish speed from 0 to 60. It also possesses a top speed in excess of 100 miles per hour. The 500 km full range and quick refueling capability of the range City Car concept makes it also suitable for traveling beyond city environment.

The vehicle weights less than 1400 kg and with 240 Nm of torque instantly available, enables flex-fuel operation on ethanol and methanol and regular gasoline as well. The car owns stunning looks with distinctive mouth and diffuser, glass roof, wide track, low ride height and big wheels.

Though the city car concept is making its debut at the Paris Motor show 2010, Lotus has not yet decided to offer its City Car concept to the public.