Walmart & Worldwise Join Hands to Market Pet Products from Recycled Materials

October 8, 2010 / No Comments

Walmart, in partnership with manufacturer Worldwise, will be selling pet products made from discarded, recyclable materials. The program intends to create a full circle system. It will collect old plastic bottles, clothes hangers, plastic bags and corrugated cardboard and makes new products from these materials.

walmart Walmart & Worldwise Join Hands to Market Pet Products from Recycled Materials

The full circle program aims at closed loop system which makes use of waste products from one process as the raw material for another. Moreover, pet products made from such recycled materials will be available at reasonable cost. The Full Circle program was developed by Worldwise after years of effort to close the loop on consumer recyclables that can be made into new products.

Estimates of Worldwise indicate that only 25 percent of the 50 billion soda bottles purchased each year are recycled, despite the availability of the facilities to recycle plastics throughout the US. Walmart is known for its green objectives. Its sustainability goals include creating zero waste and to sell products that lessens impact on the environment. The new program is likely to generate good results.

The innovation has turned bottles into dog beds, hangers into cat litter pans, scoops, and scratchers, old bags into cat littler liners and corrugated cardboard is converted into cat scratchers. PoochPlanet dog beds and SmartyKat scratching posts and litter boxes are now available in Walmart stores.

(Via GreenerDesign)