Google Self-Driving Robot Car is an Innovation to Note

October 11, 2010 / 1 Comment

Google has secretly been developing an autonomous, self-driving robot car. The company has driven their fleet of intelligent robot vehicles over 140,000 miles around California for test drive. These vehicles use artificial-intelligence software which helps it in sensing nearby objects and make decisions like that of a human driver. The innovative idea, which is still in its earlier stages, is likely to lead to incredible environmental and experiential benefits.

googlecar    Google Self Driving Robot Car is an Innovation to Note

The designers claim that the technology could double the capacity of roads by allowing cars to drive more safely, comfortably and efficiently. The eco-friendly attractions include reduction of carbon footprints and fuel consumption.

The other advantages of robot drivers over human drivers include fast reaction, have 360-degree perception and don’t get distracted, sleepy or intoxicated.

But the control does not rest entirely on robot drivers. Humans are required to make announcements such as “approaching a crosswalk” or “turn ahead,” which engineers say would alert an individual if a master control system detected anything amiss with the various sensors.

Although such innovations exist, regaining power requires pressing of a red button on the dashboard, touching the brake or turning the steering wheel.

The test drive across California was conducted to make the car acquainted with the city traffic and changing topographies. The vehicle was able to nimbly accelerate in the entrance lane and merge into fast-moving traffic. This vehicle however is not a thrill-seeker and such cars are years from mass production.

(Via NYTimes)