Samsung Green Memory Project Promises Eco-friendly Semiconductor Technology

October 13, 2010 / No Comments

Samsung Electronics’ new ‘Green Memory’ campaign has unveiled a number of new innovations. The project aims at developing eco friendly semiconductor technology. The products launched include eco friendly DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3) DRAM, SSD (Solid State Drive), LPDDR2 (Low Power Double Data Rate 2), mobile DRAM and the GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate 5). Beside these four products, it also unveiled next generation memory PRAMs. It introduced the low-voltage solution to the thematic environmental problem.

samsung Samsung Green Memory Project Promises Eco friendly Semiconductor Technology

The company showed the graphical representation of DDR3s are DRAMS used in notebooks, desktops and servers, from 60nm-class DDR2 to first ever 30nm-class 1.35V 2Gb DDR3 in order to show that relative to the current DDR2 products, there is a 70% decrease in power usage and over 100% increase in performance.

Since these products are used widely, decrease in power usage may result in greater levels of environmental protection. LPDDR2 provides an optimal solution for high performance mobile devices including the multifunction smart phone. GDDR5 is product specializing in high load graphic memory processing which is required by graphic cards, digital TVs and set top boxes. Since demands of high performance low power graphic memory are increasing, the product may serve as useful and hopes to expand its sales.

The company also exhibited how PC systems can enhance performance by attaching SSDs. It demonstrated the how SSDs are different from traditional HDDs by testing the different settings on two different PCs, rebooting the system, launching 4 major application programs and displaying results such as loading time.

Samsung electronics has incorporated the NAND flash technology in SSDs for the first time.  It also applied NAND flash to traditional 64GB, 128GB and 256GB products. These new innovations showcased the electronic giant’s  will to strengthen its position as the leader in high capacity, high performance premium SSD market and NAND flash memory industry.

(Via KoreaITTimes)