Siemens to Launch EV Test Fleet for Developing EV Components

October 18, 2010 / No Comments

Siemens has planned to launch a fleet of electric cars in November as part of a pilot project aiming at developing new Siemens automotive components, specifically meant for battery-powered vehicles.

siemens Siemens to Launch EV Test Fleet for Developing EV Components

The company said that the project is planned for the thorough understanding of the interplay between the cars and their infrastructure.

Early this November, Siemens will launch its 4-Sustainelectromobility (4-S) pilot project in Munich, Germany and as a part of this 20 electric vehicles (EVs) will be issued for its employees. 15 more EVs will be a part of this test fleet by next spring with a drive system exclusively developed by Siemens.

At its Berlin facility, the company will probably be offering up to 65 battery-powered vehicles to be shared among its employees as part of an in-house EV car-sharing program.

The results and experience gained through the project will be incorporated by the company to innovate new components for the development of EVs.

Chargers for the pilot project will be provided by the company. Through the project they are also running behind the possibilities of fast charging of EVs via direct current.

(Via Autobloggreen)