Dell Knocks HP Out of Top Green Spot

October 19, 2010 / 1 Comment

Dell, with a perfect score of 100, has moved up from its second position to first knocking HP out of the top spot in the green rankings of companies by Newsweek. The most significant thing about the ranking is that Apple failed to make into the top positions despite of its green efforts.

Dell Dell Knocks HP Out of Top Green Spot

Apple was recently applauded by IDC for its iPhone 4. Moreover Dell has received a lashing from Greenpeace for failing to match Apple.

It has also been criticized for routinely delaying and removing details from its eco-friendly strategy. But the company still makes many of its products from less recyclable materials and some toxic chemicals as well.

While most of the Macs of Apple are made of aluminum and glass and is free of bromide flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride since 2009.

Apple takes in consideration of the whole ecosystem, including the end-of-life cycle and the efficiency of freight.

At the same time companies like Dell and HP have usually centered on office space, packaging and most of other features and these strategies indicate that the companies don’t make any efforts that relate to the actual products.

IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Intel have come within the first five positions.

Software companies placed well due to the inherent low environmental impact of their products. Microsoft is in 29th place and Google is ranked as 36th.

Newsweek ranks the largest 500 publicly held companies on the basis of data such as market cap, revenue, and number of employees.

The Green Score is determined on the basis of an Environmental Impact Score determined by Trucost, GreenĀ Policies Score determined by MSCI’s RiskMetrics Group’s and the Reputation Survey Score that is based on a survey of CEOs, corporate environmental officers and academics done by

The Environmental Impact and Green Policies of the companies weights 45% each in the green score and the remaining 10 percent accounts for its reputation. The performance is ranked by taking the eco-friendly aspects of each companies such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and solid-waste disposal.

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