Nissan Leaf Outlets in UK by End of November

October 19, 2010 / No Comments

Nissan Motors’s UK based outlets will become operational by the end of November for their new hybrid vehicle Leaf. The automaker company has earmarked 2,000 Leafs for the United Kingdom in 2011, and the vehicle hits the country dealers in March. Half of the orders received by the company are meant for fleets and only the other half is for individual customers.

nissanleaf1 Nissan Leaf Outlets in UK by End of November

The dealership investment in the United Kingdom requires an amount of at least £20,000 which means $32,000 U.S. at the current exchange rate. The expense includes the cost of purchasing equipment, training staff and installing a mandatory fast-charge station.

Currently, 40 dealerships will become Leaf outlets and 35 more will join up as Leaf retailers in 2011, followed by 45 more in 2012. It is likely that by 2013, all of Nissan dealerships in the UK will be equipped with all facilities to function as the electric vehicle outlets.

According to Steve McLennan, Nissan’s UK marketing director, only select dealerships will be ready for the Leaf because the company is planning operations in the areas which present the best opportunities and these will include wealthy suburbs.

The initial outlets will not be confined to big conurbations. The business plans show a reasonable payback period for each outlet and the company is engaged in scaling the set-up costs to individual operations.

(Via Autobloggreen)