Heading for Sweden? Check in to the TreeHotel!

October 21, 2010 / No Comments

The treehotel in Sweden provides a unique opportunity for those who live to live in the harmony of nature.  This structure actually comprises of a Mirrorcube cabin which could provide an amazing view of surrounding forest. It is supposed to be the ideal spot to spent vacation, staying away from the stress of the busy lives. The treehotel is in fact an elevation to the concept of simple treehouse to a world class destination.

treehotel Heading for Sweden? Check in to the TreeHotel!

Four of the six treehouse rooms have been completed, along with the TreeSauna. The remaining two rooms will be finished soon. Each tree room was designed and built by a different architect and is sublimely unique.

These are equipped with radiant floor heating, a state-of-the-art eco-friendly incineration toilet, and a water-efficient hand basin. Ramps and study ladders are used for the purpose of access to these rooms. The entire lot has been built using locally-sourced wood.

It is said that the design of the treehotel is inspired by the documentary film ‘Trädälskaren’ meaning Treelover directed by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. The film portrays the story of three men hailing from the city, who attempts to build a treehouse together with an intention to get back to their roots.

There already exist some prefab treehouses inside the boreal forest area. The treehotel is open to visitors round the year. This exotic place provides ample opportunities to experience the long sunny days of the summer and the beautiful, snowy landscape of winter.

(Via Inhabitant)