EV Taxis Switch Batteries to Save Charging Time

November 1, 2010 / No Comments

In the US, the state of California has been known for being more environmentally conscious and for far longer than the rest of the country. In a move that will continue to set and example to the rest of the country and the world, a new plan has been announced that will bring an electric taxi program to the Californian cities of San Francisco and San Jose.

EVChargePoint EV Taxis Switch Batteries to Save Charging Time

The foremost electric vehicle services provider in the area – called Better Place, plans to introduce a switchable battery in its vehicles. The program envisions that over a span of four years four battery switch stations will be built in the San Francisco to San Jose corridor, which can amply support the fleet of EV taxis.

The project will be carried out with the support of the US Department of Transportation working through the Metropolitan transportation Commission.

The switchable battery will ensure that an electric taxi will not need to take a three hour break during service to recharge its battery. To maintain services efficiently, the taxis will switch the run down battery for a previously charged one in far less time than an ordinary taxi would require for filling up its gas rank.

For the people who live in the area, this will mean affordable travel that does not pollute the environment, and will also help to make the Bay Area retain its title of ‘EV Capital of the United States’.

Authorities hope that this drive will pave the way for electric taxis to be used extensively in most of the major US cities, eliminating the use of the traditionally fueled taxis which are contributing to the problems of greenhouse gases and tail pipe emissions.

Officials at Better Place, which is a company committed to bringing about an electric vehicle revolution, think that the move will go a long way in influencing the Bay Area to adopt a mass movement in favor of electric cars.

They feel that consumers will be able to see first hand how much more convenient and healthy a green car option would be over the traditional polluting vehicles.

The company has already started an EV taxi program in Japan with the support of the government, which has been trying out the feasibility of the switchable battery.

(Via Inhabitat)