Ford Fiesta Tops PM’s ‘Fuel Efficiency’ List

November 4, 2010 / No Comments

Popular Mechanics has announced their list of winners for 2011, and the winner in the ‘fuel efficiency’ category is the Ford Fiesta. Although there were other worthy contestants in the running, PM says that the fact that the Fiesta is an inexpensive high quality fuel-efficient car swayed them in its favor.

ford fiesta Ford Fiesta Tops PM’s ‘Fuel Efficiency’ List

The US market has had a number of small cars coming in like the Honda Fit and Toyota’s Yaris. However, when the Fiesta came in, the vehicle has significantly changed the figures in this segment. It made the small car more acceptable and appealing in the USmarket. Coming in for special mention is the car’s 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, which came out first on the $1 million Bugatti Veyron in 2005.

The Fiesta is the first vehicle in the subcompact sedan and hatchback segment to have this transmission, which has appeared on vehicles like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Nissan, Porsche and has been loved for the responsiveness and seamless gear changes it provides.

All of these advantages are available on the Fiesta at a price that is way less than what other hybrid cars cost. Although it is a gasoline-powered car, the popularity that this hybrid has seen is widely seen as an indicator that the public in the US are warming up to the idea of alternative options for vehicles. And since the Fiesta combines fuel efficiency, design and technical excellence in a way that no other vehicle did this year, it proudly features on PM’s list.

(Via Treehugger)