Bill Clinton Could Be PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity’ in 2011

November 5, 2010 / No Comments

One of the world’s most famous vegetarians, former US President Bill Clinton is rumored to be in the running for PETA’s 2011 ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity’ contest. Bill Clinton has made a very public shift to a plant-based food diet, better known as vegetarianism for health reasons.

clinton Bill Clinton Could Be PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity’ in 2011

There have been numerous discussions and interactions with the media about this move, which has served to make the concept and information regarding vegetarianism more accessible to the public.

For this public move, the former President has been lauded by animal rights groups as well and vegetarians and vegans.

As far as Bill Clinton is concerned, he has made it clear that he has been inspired by an overwhelming amount of evidence that points to the fact that hundreds of people who have been ingesting a plant-based diet have been seeing a remarkable amount of healing occurring in their bodies.

The instances that he cites include cases of arterial blockage breaking up, calcium deposits around the heart breaking up and reducing etc.

He was keen to be one of the people experimenting with this kind of an approach and was therefore motivated to switch diets, especially because almost 82% of the others who had switched to vegetarianism experienced huge positive results, he says.

For animal rights activists and vegetarianism enthusiasts, having a celebrity like Bill Clinton working on spreading this kind of awareness is a huge boost to their cause.

(Via Ecorazzi)