Eco-Friendly Garage for the London Traffic Commission

November 10, 2010 / 1 Comment

The London Traffic Commission has just thrown open the doors of their new $23.5-million garage, located at Wonderland Rd.S.. The reason it’s making news is not just because this huge garage (covering an area of 120,000 square feet) can park 110 LTC buses, but because it is a unique, eco-friendly facility.

garage Eco Friendly Garage for the London Traffic Commission

Officials at the LTC have hopes of the garage evolving to become a major people moving hub in the area. They point out that mass transportation needs to be a key focus for the economic plan of any region, and that this region of London would benefit from a bus-train transit system.

With the expansion of rail traffic being a popular point with many officials in administration, it’s quite possible that the transportation solutions in the region will move in this direction. Officials in government are keen on ensuring that folks in rural areas have access to public transportation.

The London Traffic Commission has seen massive changes come about in just a decade. Number of riders using the service has increased from 13 million in 1998 to 21 million this year. There have been huge changes in technology as well, with buses now running on electricity and also satellite buses.

For  the opening ceremony of the garage, officials traveled in one of LTC’s hybrid buses to the new facility. The LTC has four such electric-diesel hybrids, which is a sign of the LTC’s exemplary move demonstrating their commitment to environmental thinking for the future.

Although the authorities present at the opening ceremony of the garage agreed that this growth of the garage becoming a transit, mass transport hub was definitely a long –term plan, they also were clear that it was a plan that was worthwhile, the seeds of which had to be planted right away. Watch an IFPress video here