Toyota Plans More Green Vehicles for the Future

November 23, 2010 / No Comments

As a triggering move to their future plans to roll out more alternative-energy vehicles, Toyota recently announced that they have a very elaborate plan for their eco-car future. Well, they have around 11 conventional hybrids and battery powered automobiles waiting in queue to be launched.

toyotaRAV Toyota Plans More Green Vehicles for the Future

Toyota, presently the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, plans to introduce what it calls fuel-cell-hybrid vehicle (FCHV) which is under development in fast pace.

Aiming at a 2015 hit on Japanese auto mobile markets, these Sedan –type vehicles are expected to have Hydrogen supply infrastructure when introduced in European markets at an estimated price around $ 120,000.

As a part of the go-green initiative, Toyo is charting out the road trials for its iQ-based Electric Vehicles expected to be rolled out in 2012 in Japanese, European, Chinese and the American markets.

Another major part of Toyota’s eco-car future is the conventional hybrids. With a range of new hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, Toyota really cares both for the car crazy ones and the mother earth.

Planning to roll out 11 hybrid vehicles- both new and redesigned- with exceptional fuel efficiency, Toyota puts the possible deadline by the end of 2012.

You may not believe me, but one of these machines comes at a fuel efficiency of more than 40 Km/L as per company claims. Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles or PHVs from Toyota which expect at least 50000 units per year sale are expected to cost $36000 in the US market.

However, when it is the game with making cars and the player is Toyo, we shall expect better things to happen both in price and in green vehicle technology. By that time, let’s wait for a green future.