Cowbell becomes Toronto’s first LEAF Certified Restaurant

November 24, 2010 / 1 Comment

LEAF has announced the certification of Toronto, Canada’s first green restaurant. The winner is Cowbell, a restaurant that is well known for its passion for keeping the eco-impact of their operations to as less as possible. LEAF is ‘Leader in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice’ – a third-party certification program for restaurants and foodservice facilities.

cowbell Cowbell becomes Toronto’s first LEAF Certified Restaurant

The program has strict criteria that it considers while issuing their certifications. These include : food purchasing and menu items, supplies, energy use, water use, building and location, furnishings and decorative items, chemicals, waste and recycling, employees, policy and innovation.

This is a boon for environmentally committed diners, who would like to support establishments that are committed to the environment.

The winning restaurant, Cowbell, went through a thorough evaluation from LEAF before they were given a LEAF Level 2 certification.

The minutest of details are reviewed to ascertain the level of accreditation that an establishment receives. LEAF gives level one, two and three certifications, with level three being the highest.

Representatives of Cowbell have expressed their honor and delight at being the first Toronto restaurant to get this LEAF certification. The certification is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to sustainability.

The establishment uses locally sourced food, and are committed to supporting the local community and the environment through its operational choices.

The major part of the food that is sourced by Cowbell is from a radius of 200 kms within its neighborhood. The interiors are done with secondhand items and recycled building materials make up the counters and cabinets; the seating is reused church pews.

(Via PostCity)