China’s Green Expo Holds a Lot of Promise

November 25, 2010 / No Comments

The China International Green Industry Expo has just begun in Beijing. The Expo will have an array of innovative eco-friendly technologies and concepts, ranging from products for every day practical use to technical products.

expo China’s Green Expo Holds a Lot of Promise

A report said that the expo will showcase hybrid vehicles, bottles that are made from plants, green buildings and generators that can be powered by garbage. The Expo was opened with a ceremony on November 24 that saw a high level of participation from Chinese officials, including the Vice Premier of China; as well as official representatives from several other countries.

The event is being held a joint collaborative effort by twelve Chinese ministries, and is a statement of the Government’s ongoing efforts to help green initiatives to flourish in China and strengthen the green economy. China is already one of the leading nations on the global level in implementing and generating several kinds of green schemes.

The Green Expo will display to the world the various green initiatives and achievements that the green industry has been pursuing in the previous years, with a special emphasis on China. The event will also serve to intimate the world about the open cooperation that exists in China between the local government and eco-friendly business ventures. This is a field that the Chinese government is very keen to support and develop.

The expo will have a forum where politicians from key nations, green experts, scholars as well as businessmen will participate to focus on how to strengthen the green economies of the world in order to facilitate holistic economic global development. The event will also serve to be a venue for green business promotion and also for various eco-friendly businesses to interact and share their ideas.

More than 200 companies from 25 countries are participating in the expo. One of these is Martec Recycling Corp., which is a Canadian road recycling firm that produces equipment used in road repairs. Their equipment helps to save almost 70% of the cost of road repairs compared to when traditional equipment is used. Officials at Martec say that China has excellent prospects coming up in its green economy.

The green efforts in China are beginning to trickle down to the primary levels in the country. While the government is working proactively to shift into becoming an eco-friendly society, many of the smaller domestic financial institutions are actively providing financial assistance for green projects. The cumulative result of all these efforts could be that China could emerge as the leading green economy in the world in a few years.