Perch Atop a Tree for a Picnic

November 25, 2010 / 1 Comment

Many innovative options await guests at the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand. The most unique service that this resort provides is a picnic on top of a tree. For the visitor for whom an ordinary picnic holds no charms, this option is sure to hook some interest. The resort has a Tree Pod that has been constructed 16 feet above ground level. The woven pod has a zip line that brings in any food and beverages that the guest requires.

soneva kiri resort Perch Atop a Tree for a Picnic

Inside the pod are a table and all other equipment required to enjoy an idyllic picnic far from the reach of any other human being.

The Soneva Kiri Eco Resort takes great pride in being an establishment that conscientiously follows eco-friendly practices. The resort incorporates passive cooling into its design, recycles rainwater, uses natural filtration and has green roofs. Visitors can choose to use bicycles and electric carts to get to the beach area.

Situated on the Thai island of Kood, the resort is situated in the midst of a lush tropical forest that is bordered with beautiful white sandy beaches. It occupies 150 acres of land and has 42 luxurious villas and 21 private residences.

Guests of the resort are personally met at Bangkok airport and then transported to the resort on the resort’s airplane.

(Via Inhabitat)