Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait in the Grip of Aquatic Pollution

November 29, 2010 / No Comments

Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait is suffering from the havoc of aquatic pollution. Though from the surface the waterway seems to flow fresh and strong, it is now actually the abode of garbage. The strait is full of garbage ranging from old furniture to boat parts, cleaning supplies to restaurant trash.

strait trash Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait in the Grip of Aquatic Pollution

The members of the group, Underwater Cleaning Movement (STH) says that their divers have removed more than 16,000 pieces of solid waste from just one part of it. The organization works to raise awareness about aquatic pollution. Members of the group have dived down to the seabed 250 times since 2005

The much of the trash in the Bosphorus is said to be have deliberately dumped there. It is being suspected that an unscrupulous official had treated the strait as a trash can. Istanbul is not the only place in turkey to encounter the trash problem. Similar conditions persist in Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas.

Throwing cigarette butts from ferry boats and waiters throwing dirty water from coastal restaurants straight into the water bodies add to the mounting trash and pathetic condition of marine creatures especially in the resort town of Marmaris and its surrounding bays.

Not only the Turkish people but also the tourists are responsible for the pollution. Moreover, lack of awareness and limited public dumping grounds also contribute to the problem.

Environmental enthusiasts and social activists have called for televised educational campaigns and effective legislation against both illegal dumping and littering. They feel that by launching anti-littering education the menace could be tamed to some extend.

(Via Treehugger)