Ecomo Prefab Home: Make It As You Like It

December 6, 2010 / No Comments

A prefabricated home that can serve several purposes and can be assembled according to the owner’s needs – is not a fantasy anymore. The Ecomo Modular Home comes as square modular units which can be used as living spaces, play areas or as sleeping quarters, depending on the requirement of the owner. What’s most appealing is that the layout can be manipulated so that every home can be different.

Ecomo Home Ecomo Prefab Home: Make It As You Like It

The floor plan is initially laid out and then additional decks can be added to the basic plan onto the exterior of the structure to create the outdoor living spaces.

The Ecomo homes are designed based on sustainable design principles. They use low maintenance materials and are prefabricated in a factory to ensure that construction waste and the impact it has on the earth is minimized.

The roofs are designed so that solar energy systems and panels can be easily installed, which could be crucial to folks who would like to own a sustainable house that is far away from the energy grid, and is functional enough to be self-sustainable.

One of the Ecomo homes, located in Franschhoek, South Africa has been set near a water body, at a picturesque spot.

On locations like these, it is extremely appealing to ecologically conscious folks to have a home that was created elsewhere and can be assembled at the location without disturbing the surrounding areas too much.

With new innovations like these, it is becoming easier for homeowners to have eco-friendly homes without too much of the fuss of constructing it.

(Via Inhabitat)