Bubble Structures Enthrall Streets of Paris

December 8, 2010 / No Comments

Paris has got a new feather in its cap. The two new bubble like structures which house a garden in one and a jungle in another have breathed a fresh air onto the streets of Paris, standing unique amidst the other concrete buildings.

Bubble1 Bubble Structures Enthrall Streets of Paris

The bubble gardens were sponsored by The Dutch Flower Council to celebrate the popularity of houseplants in Paris, is designed by Amaury Gallon. These were installed from November 26th through the 28th in Gare Montparnasse, Place Saint Germain, Bercy Village and Place Colette. The transparent structures serve as walk-in greenhouses as well as spaces of reverie in the urban region.

The bubble that hosts the garden has hundreds of orchids woven into the metal structure that act as frames. The interior of the bubble features igloo shaped rooms.

The exhibition is titled “Ma Bulle, Ma Plante, & Moi” meaning My Bubble, My Plant & Me displayed an awesome picture of utilizing the indoor plants. The bubbles are enjoying attention from a large number of viewers.

Bubble2 Bubble Structures Enthrall Streets of Paris

The organizers, inspired by Andy Warhol’s saying that everyone gets their “15 minutes of fame”, wanted all who visited the bubbles to have their “15 minutes of green!” Dutch Flower Council has also come up with an interesting statistics.

They say that 17% of respondents have plants in their office, and 16% have plants both at home and work. The most striking aspect regarding the study is that majority of non-plant owners were in the youthful age group of 18-24.

(Via Inhabitat)