Coca Cola Intros Eco-friendly 3D Vending Machines

December 8, 2010 / No Comments

The high-tech 3D vending machines that the Coca Cola Company introduced in Japan have been uniquely designed as eco-friendly equipment. Since refrigeration equipments are among the largest contributors of carbon footprints, this brand new machine could be considered as an effective step in attaining the goal of reduction of green house gases.

coke Coca Cola Intros Eco friendly 3D Vending Machines

The “3D-Vis” vending machines have mini solar panels along with energy-saving LED lighting. The tracking function shows all the social contributions each machine’s sales have made. Instead of Freon, the usual refrigerant, ozone and climate-friendly non-CFC refrigerators are used here.

Heat pumps are also incorporated into the machine. The device offers many non-cash payment options too. Above all the machine is aesthetically appealing with sleek 3D displays. This sustainable refrigeration program is designed in partnership with BMW Group’s DesignworksUSA.

Moreover Japan is a country where one could come across as many as vending machines. Coca cola’s new climate protection initiative is likely to boost the Japanese green movement.

The company has set a goal to improve the energy efficiency of our cooling equipment by 40 to 50 percent by 2010. The company announced that it would install about 1,500 solar machines around the country, which are powered almost entirely by solar energy.

The new design cuts overhead costs, allowing the company to offer products at cheaper prices. Coca cola will install 75,000 of the new vending machines in 2011. The company also plans to replace all existing Coca-Cola vending machines in Japan with 3D-Vis units by 2020.

Earlier in 2009, the cola manufacturer has announced that 100 percent of its new vending machines and coolers installed across the US will be hydrofluorocarbon-free (HFC) by 2015, which will reduce greenhouse gas emission by 99 percent and energy consumption by 40 percent.

It is been said that carbon emission reduction will exceed by 52.5 million metric tons over the life of the vending machine with the implementation of the program.

(Via The Independent)