Mercedes B-Class F-cell Handed Over

December 20, 2010 / No Comments

The past couple of weeks have seen many green cars being delivered to customers. The first Nissan Leaf was delivered to Olivier Chalouhi in San Francisco, CA. Soon after, the first Chevrolet Volt was handed over to Jeffrey Kaffee, a retired airline pilot living in Parsippany, NJ. Both vehicles have been eagerly anticipated by the green auto market, and have received rave reviews from the auto industry.

mercedes benz Mercedes B Class F cell Handed Over

Not to be left behind, Mercedes-Benz has also handed over its first first B-Class F-Cell to Vince Van Petten, executive director of the Producers Guild of America. The auto giant is not selling its F-cells, but leasing them out. The quiet leasing ceremony was held at the Mercedes dealership in Newport Beach, California.

The B-class vehicles from Mercedes-Benz are powered by hydrogen, and will mostly be acquired by fleet operators, government institutions and public figures. This means that there will be very few private individuals owning these vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz says that they chose Patten or his proximity to hydrogen fueling stations, his driving habits, his understanding of environmental issues and his inclination to be an advocate for fuel cell technology.

(Via GreenCarReports)

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